Antropología, Derecho y Justicia: Debates y Enfoques

(Doctorado en Antropología, CIESAS, 2013-2017)

This course covers the main theoretical and methodological debates in legal anthropology. It discusses, among other topics, the founding debates of law and custom; the processual turn and perspectives on law, history and power; legal pluralism and concepts of the field and interlegality; indigenous justices and legal reforms, and the impact of contemporary globalization on the law. There is a particular emphasis on ethnographies of law and justice, drawing on examples from Latin America.

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Nuevas corrientes en la antropología del Estado

(Doctorado en Antropología Social, CIESAS, 2010)

This course analyses diverse theoretical perspectives on the state, with a particular emphasis on anthropological perspectives. In methodological terms it aims to generate reflections about how to carry out ethnographies of the state.

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